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How To Activate/Deactivate Miss Call Alert in BSNL

                     Now you don’t need to worry if you are out of coverage or service area or when your mobile runs out of battery. Your bsnl mobile phone makes it easy for you to find out who called while you were unreachable. Along with the call timings.

      Miss call alert is free for all the bsnl customers

>>>How to activate bsnl free miss call alert

              you can activate bsnl miss call alert in two ways

1st methord 

     Go to call settings in your phone Divert Calls to +9117010 

2nd methord

     Dial **62*+9117010#  from your mobile

>>>How to deactivate bsnl free miss call alert

               Go to your mobile settings you can see your calls are diverted to 9117010  when you are out of coverage or switched off

These tricks you can use all over india including jaipur,haryana,nagpur,jharkhand,chennai, bangalore,karnataka,Ap,Andhra Pradesh (AP),Arunachal Pradesh (AR),Assam (AS),Bihar (BR),Chhattisgarh (CG),Goa (GA),Gujarat (GJ),Haryana (HR),Himachal Pradesh (HP),Jammu and Kashmir (JK),Jharkhand (JH),Karnataka (KA),Kerala (KL),Madhya Pradesh (MP),Maharashtra (MH),Manipur (MN),Meghalaya (ML),Mizoram (MZ),Nagaland (NL),Odisha(OR),Punjab (PB),Rajasthan (RJ),Sikkim (SK),Tamil Nadu (TN),Tripura (TR),Uttar Pradesh (UP),Uttarakhand (UK),West Bengal (WB),ahmedabad,coimbatore etc


  1. How to activate voice mail service on bsnl prepaid number in punjab

    1. Dear singh
      you can read below article to know abot activation of voice mail

  2. Will I get a message about my missed calls if I activate this service?

    1. yes.. u will get a message containing the numbrs of people who called u....

  3. mca active but message not coming up .............

  4. give me any message code which i use this service freequently and after coming in a proper network recieving a message properly...

    1. Dear frnd,
      This is the only method to activate the bsnl miss call alert if you are having any problem plz contact on customer care through 1503 or online http://www.bsnlplans.in/2013/08/how-to-register-bsnl-complains-online.html

  5. I tried both options !
    Miscall message service still not activated