New Roaming free offers from Bsnl including Delhi and Mumbai (SMS format)

Roaming helps ensure that a traveling wireless device (typically a cell phone) is kept connected to a network without breaking the connection. For example; should you travel beyond of your cell phone company's transmitter range, your cell phone would automatically hop onto another phone company's service, if
available. Indias no1 telecom company bharath sanchar nigam limited introducing roming free ofers alla over india. by recharging particular amount you can enjoy talking with your loved one in roaming also

 One nation... One number.... One rupee a day.... Bsnl introducing roaming free offers in all over india. Lot of people getting  benefits from this.

O/G Local/STD calls @1.5ps/sec & incoming calls free
O/G Local/STD calls @1.5ps/sec & incoming calls free
Local calls to any network @1.2p/2 sec
O/G Local/STD calls @1.5ps/sec & incoming calls free

 Sms Format  
VOICE to 53733
Eg:VOICE89 to 53733

This Roaming offers are applicable in
  1. Andhra Pradesh (AP)
  2. Arunachal Pradesh (AR)
  3. Assam (AS)
  4. Bihar (BR)
  5. Chhattisgarh (CG)
  6. Goa (GA)
  7. Gujarat (GJ)
  8. Haryana (HR)
  9. Himachal Pradesh (HP)
  10. Jammu and Kashmir (JK)
  11. Jharkhand (JH)
  12. Karnataka (KA)
  13. Kerala (KL)
  14. Madhya Pradesh (MP)
  15. Maharashtra (MH)
  16. Manipur (MN)
  17. Meghalaya (ML)
  18. Mizoram (MZ)
  19. Nagaland (NL)
  20. Odisha(OR)
  21. Punjab (PB)
  22. Rajasthan (RJ)
  23. Sikkim (SK)
  24. Tamil Nadu (TN)
  25. Tripura (TR)
  26. Uttar Pradesh (UP)
  27. Uttarakhand (UK)
  28. West Bengal (WB)

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