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How To Check Bsnl Landline Call Details/History Online

        Bsnl introduces Self care portals for various services to help their customers. You can check Broadband usage, tracking complaint status, change of plans etc you can use Bsnl self care portal. Here in this post you can see how to get landlaine call details. Step by step procedures are given below.

         >Go to Respective Bsnl Portals
             >http://selfcare.edc.bsnl.co.in/ for Eastern India
             >http://selfcare.wdc.bsnl.co.in/ for Western India
             >http://selfcare.ndc.bsnl.co.in/ for Northern India
             >http://selfcare.sdc.bsnl.co.in/ for Southern India
        >Register if you don't have an account
        >Sign in using your registered user name and password
        >Click on services

       >Click on check my call details
      >you will be directed to a page like above 
    >Give the details like Usage month,telephone number,call type,from date and to date. you have to give all the information otherwise  it will come in an error page.


  1. My BSNL Boradband is of Rs 735/- and that too unlimited plan, but from last few months the account is billed for rs 1400/-. which should have rather been around Rs 1000 after incl. of all taxes. Plz tell me the Reason!!!!!!!

    1. After having exceeded FUP you might have upgraded the speed which may be the reason of the increased charge

  2. How long does it take for registration process to grant access while following the above steps?

    1. max it will take one hour to register...