Bsnl GPRS/internet/3G Settings For Android (Samsung,Sony,Micromax,Htc,lenovo,chinese mobiles etc)

                Hope you already gone through how to get bsnl GPRS/3g configuration through online/sms automatically . Here in this article we are trying to explain banl gprs manual settings for android mobiles. For configuring gprs/3g settings manually you have to set APN (access point name),Authentication type,APN type MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code) Below you can see the step wise procedure for manual gprs configuration for bsnl. These procedure you can use in all the android mobiles including samsung, nokia, sony, micromax, htc, panasonic, xolo, spice, acer, thoshiba, motorola, all Chinese mobiles etc.

  > Go to Settings
>Click on wireless and network
>Go to Mobile networks
>Click access point names

>Click on new APN

 >Give name as "BSNL"
> APN is bsnlnet
>Dont change proxy,username and password
>Don't change MMSC, MMS proxy,MMS port
>Set MCC(mobile country code) as 404
>Set MNC (The Mobile Network Code) : list of bsnl mnc and mcc codes given below

>Set Authentication type : None
>Set APN type : internet
> Select option and save the setting after giving all the details

MCC     MNC     Network         State
404     34      BSNL         Haryana
404     38      BSNL         Assam
404     51      BSNL         Himachal Pradesh
404     53      BSNL         Punjab
404     54      BSNL         Uttar Pradesh (West)
404     55      BSNL         Uttar Pradesh (East)
404     57      BSNL         Gujarat
404     58      BSNL         Madhya Pradesh
404     59      BSNL         Rajasthan
404     62      BSNL         Jammu & Kashmir
404     64      BSNL         Chennai
404     66      BSNL         Maharashtra
404     71      BSNL         Karnataka
404     72      BSNL         Kerala
404     73      BSNL         Andhra Pradesh
404     74      BSNL         West Bengal
404     75      BSNL         Bihar
404     76      BSNL         Orissa
404     77      BSNL         North East
404     79      BSNL         Andaman Nicobar
404     80      BSNL         Tamilnadu
404     81      BSNL         Kolkata


  1. Dear madam,
    i tried manual & My service portal also but i didn't get any configuration messages.
    When i was inserted other network sim that was worked,i have problem with bsnl sim,what will i do please suggest me.
    please do any favour for me.

    1. let me know your mobile model..? is it an android mobile?

    2. Pls suggest how to get the internet setting in HTC One E8 dual sim Handset..

    3. Here it explains the ways to get internet settings .
      your phone is not in the list you have to do the manual configuration. If nothg is working let me know what error it i showing aftr manual config.

    4. Hi I am using HTC DESIRE 816 DUAL SIM I am unable to get 3g settings please help

    5. use the manual method described above...

    6. im used above manual method but still not get internet connection, htc desire 820 dual simm

    7. dear frnd make sure tht ur phone is working with other network....

  2. Dear madam,
    I have bought back new bank postpaid simcard, and have activated 3g plan for my number. But my tablet does not connect to internet I have tried the above process , calling the customer care and also by sending SMS to 58355 but nothing works if I put pin no.for settings received 1111 it again asks I don't know what to don't know what to do pls help me
    My tablet model is IKON 3G TABLET IK-A7001

  3. I am using moto e mobile for internet in jhansi city area where 3g was available. But now since 20 days I m not able to get 3g internet speed and presently surfing with only 2g speed. Please solve the problem

    1. you please raise a complaint in this portal

  4. Hi! I am using Yureka YU AO5510. I used your above settings for activating 3g in my handset, but I have not been successful. As the sim is of cellone (kolkata), I have used 81 as MNC while the rest are the same. The username (MSISDN) and the password (******) which was there earlier haven't been changed either. Could you suggest how to come out of this?

    1. username and pswd should be blank or not set... if its not working Check your mobile using other network SIM .... most probably the mobile hvng some software prblm

  5. I am using mobile internet using rajasthan SIM. I am lining in Karnataka. If I change MNC from 59 to 71 can I get a better 3G speed? Please reply.

    1. the speed is always depnd on network and ur mobile capacity... if u hv 3g network in ur area u wil definitely get 3g speed....

  6. My Handset Model: SAMSUNG Galaxy On7
    Model No. SM-G600FY
    problem: requesting handset configuration screen message is coming after each 5 minutes
    I have tried through 58355 but the message i recieved that the format is not correct. i tried manually as above but my problem still have not resolved. net is working very slowly.

    1. net is working means your config is correct... try to use wcdma network in your mobile and check the speed.. let me know your state...

    2. state : Assam
      The problem is not with working net or not in my case till now i want to resolve my requesting handset configuration screen message problem because of it battery discharges very rapidly.
      please help me, the model is new also connection is new and have tried to contact customer care since last 5 days ultimately they have surrendered. is there any faultin sim or handset?

    3. First you use the same SIM with another device. And still if the problem persist ,the problem is with your SIM or try resetting your phone to default factory settings..

    4. Sir,
      I have used the sim in another device (moto e) sice last 30 hrs. its just have shown the same problem once at the beginning of internet connection but later it has not shown any problem and net is also working fine on that device. Is it problem in my handset (SAMSUNG Galaxy On7) but on another network like idea or vodafone its working right.

    5. try to reset into factory default setting,,.... Still problem exist then you have to contact Samsung customer care

    6. Sir,
      I have reset network/APN settings but still I have not used factory data reset because I need to take back-up first. Now, the internet has also been stopped working its showing on the screen: "dear customer, you are currently not getting the benefit of handset bundle offer. please use the correct handset to enjoy the offer. your balance is lo" Also as as i have mentioned earlier when I messeging to 58355 to get the settings its saying incorrect format of model. I think its problem with bsnl connection may be because of new connection. Is there no way to avoid formatting handset or should i visit bsnl care or samsung service centre.

    7. better you contact Samsung customer care