Bsnl Broadband Initial Charges And Installation Charges

            Bsnl, having a variety of broadband plans in postpaid as well as prepaid, the customers all over the country may be slightly confused over the initial charges for bsnl broadband connection. Here , in this post, we are trying to help you by providing the details of various initial costs for broadband connection.

           The initial charges for getting a bsnl broadband connection includes Modem charges, Installation charges, Security Deposit and one month plan rent advance .

    Modem charges

    >You need to buy a ADSL modem either from BSNL or from outside. Basic modem is available for around Rs.1400/-. If you want Wireless connectivity(Wi-Fi), you need to spend more. 

    >BSNL also provides modem on monthly rental basis. Security deposit is Rs.500 and monthly rental charges are according to the type of modem range from 45 to 90

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 Installation charges and One month Rent Advance

    >Installation charges for landline Rs.500/-, installation charges for broadband Rs.250/, deposit for Local/STD facility Rs.500/-
    > One month plan rental in advance.
    > If you are booking the broadband connection at the time of promotional offers you may not need to give installation charges and one month advance rent charges.

Initial Cost Calculation : 
Example I 
(BB Home Combo ULD 525)(You don't have a land line)

     >If you are selecting BB Home Combo ULD 525 plan
Initial cost will be: 
        = Rs.1400(Bsasic modem) + Rs.750(installation charges LL/BB) + Rs.500 (Local/STD deposit) + Rs.525 (one month plan rent advance),  

                            which totals to  Rs.3175/-.
Example II

(BB Home Combo ULD 525)(You don't have a landline and Modem taken as rent)
Initial cost will be:

= Rs.500 (modem security deposit) + Rs.750(installation charges LL/BB) + Rs.500 (Local/STD deposit) + Rs.525 (one month plan rent advance)  

                            which totals to  Rs.2275/-.

Note:- Security Deposits are not applicable for rural customers    

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