Check Bsnl Broadband, Wimax, mobile, landline Usage My bsnl App

     Now Bsnl Users can check their broadband, wimax, mobile and landphone usage online through my Bsnl App. Through this app you will get the bill amount, current plan details, rental charges, due date etc. You can also pay the bill amount using credit/debit cards.
Here below you can see the step by step procedure for checking broadband usage, same way you can check wimax, mobile and land phone usage.

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                             >How to find Broadband user ID

>Download My BSNL APP(
>Register by giving your e mail
>you will come to a window like below

>Tap on "Usage" 
>Click on "Broadband"

>Select "DID" from the list
>Give STD code and Landphone number

>Give your broadband User Id
>On the very next window you can see the usage data amount and its details

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