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From A Customer To The Customers  
       I strongly believe that BSNL is reasonably the best  and authentic  network provider for the common people of India. But at the same time , when we make an analysis based on the comparison between the customer care services of Bsnl and other popular network providers, it is quite embarrassing and alarming, that their customer care  services are not as established  as  that of the other leading private network providers of the country. 
Origin Of This Blog
      Tracing back the history of this blog, let me lure your attention to a day, three years back , when coincidentally i subscribed to bsnl services ,as part of my quest  for the best BSNL offers .  I started  surfing a lot on internet for a good website that could provide its  subscribers with latest updates regarding BSNL offers. But my  tedious search was futile for i couldn't discover an  apt one that could guide the subscribers to the best  of BSNL offers. This desperate experience gave way to new thoughts of myself starting a blog that could act as a torch bearer to thousands of users to find the best of bsnl plans and offers.

     The task being  Herculean in nature, my endeavor was somewhat futile at the beginning ; for i failed to attract much visitors to my humble blog. Surprisingly it began to sprout  and flourish gradually and from the previous year onwards my blog began winning  more than 3000 visitors per day and majority of them were asking different questions and doubts regarding the best of BSNL plans and offers. I was glad enough to guide them well out of my observation and learning. Hope i was successful in providing them  with what they were really in need of . So far, i think it was authentic indeed and from the horse's mouth. Above all i think my blog was able to cater to the needs of thousands of BSNL subscribers all over India.
                 Hope i could  expect the same warm encouragement and cooperation  that you have given me throughout, once again for my future prospects .I am doing the best  of myself to update the latest offers and plans and keep you informed each day
              I am extremely glad to announce that Recently i launched a Facebook page for the promotion of my blog so that my visitors can  easily have access to the latest updates from our team . With the confidence that you gave me, i look for more from you.  Once again a meek request  from me to visit and like my FB page that is displayed on  side of this page.

Are You A Great supporter of BSNL Or a BSNL Employee ?
            If the answer is yes then help me  to uplift to the Zenith of success , by sparing a small fraction of your most valuable time , by clarifying doubts related to the latest ventures of BSNL. Please dont hesitate and let me hear from you so that,  we can make things more desirable.
           Lets Join hand in hand  to bring  Bsnl back from the dark, desolate valleys of dismay to the sunlit paths of glory. You can WhatsApp me +919447363126.

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About Us
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