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Bsnl Mobile Postpaid Plans (2G/3G tariff)

                  Bsnl having different postpaid plans vary from plan 99 to plan 1500. Lowest cost plan is with Fixed Monthly Charges(FMC) of Rs.99/-, with 12.36% service tax it becomes Rs.111.2/-. So you have to pay a minimum of Rs.111.2/- every month to avail postpaid services. These plans are available in all over India

Different BSNL2G/3G mobile postpaid plans:(click on following plans to get details)

  1. Plan-99
  2. Plan-225
  3. Plan-325
  4. Plan-525
  5. Plan-725
  6. Plan-1500
  7. Plan 149 (RTP)

> Extra service tax is applicable in each month
>One time activation charge Rs;100/-
>For STD activation Rs:500/- (Govt employes or bsnl employes or bank employes are excepted from this )
 >STD+ISD Rs:2000/-
>STD+ISD+international roaming Rs:5000/-
>Security deposits are refundable with in sixty days after closure. 
>These plans are available in 3G also with no additional charges.
>You can convert your existing prepaid mobile to postpaid. Contact CSC

These plans are available in all over india including including jaipur, haryana, nagpur, jharkhand, chennai, bangalore, karnataka, Ap, Andhra Pradesh (AP), Arunachal Pradesh (AR), Assam (AS), Bihar (BR), Chhattisgarh (CG), Goa (GA), Gujarat (GJ), Haryana (HR), Himachal Pradesh (HP), Jammu and Kashmir (JK), Jharkhand (JH), Karnataka (KA), Kerala (KL), Madhya Pradesh (MP), Maharashtra (MH), Manipur (MN), Meghalaya (ML), Mizoram (MZ), Nagaland (NL), Odisha(OR), Punjab (PB), Rajasthan (RJ), Sikkim (SK), Tamil Nadu (TN), Tripura (TR), Uttar Pradesh (UP), Uttarakhand (UK), West Bengal (WB), ahmedabad, coimbatore etc

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Bsnl Mobile Postpaid Plans (2G/3G tariff)
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